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Cross-Country, Orchestra, Beach Clean-Up Club

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University of Utah, Salt Lake City, studying Environmental Civil Engineering.

Message from Family

Griffin we couldn't be more proud of the person you have become. You're kind, funny and very thoughtful towards others. As a little one you were the most inquisitive boy learning all the countries on the globe before you could read. We knew you had a talent for music as you began teaching yourself piano at age 4. You chose cello on your own as a fifth grader and have continued all these years, playing at school orchestra and later moving onto the San Jose Youth Symphony Philharmonic. We loved having your cello music in our home.

We know how hard you worked to get good grades these past years in school and because of that you have many choices now. You have always been very independent even from a very young age. You signed yourself up to go to the first sleep away camps, had your own pup tent alone when we camped, you were the first of your friends to drive, and take ski trips to Tahoe, and you couldn't wait to go to Spain with your music class, - always loving anything new and far away. We're especially happy you found how much you love nature, hiking and being outside and caring for the environment. You are always brave and excited for new things and we're sure that will be a theme throughout your life!

We know your next chapter will be filled with adventures and new experiences and we are so happy for you to be at University of Utah as you'll be near nature, skiing, hiking and all the things you love so dearly. We are going to miss your jokes, your spot-on imitations, your excellent car washing and your spoiling of the cat.. :D

We wish you much happiness Griffin and and we adore you. Mom, Dad and Jackson, Papa (and Marlo)



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