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Nick was a varsity member of the golf team since his freshman year. He also played Varsity football in his senior year. He was an active member of the "Save our Beaches" club where he and his peers had a passion for keeping the beaches clean.

Future Plans 

Nick has always had a passion for playing golf at the collegiate level. This was his dream since he was 9 years old. This coming year Nick will be living his dream as he will be leaving California to pursue his passion to play golf for Marietta College in Ohio. Way to go Nick!

Message from Family

Words cannot express how proud we are of you. We strongly believed that you would one day achieve your passion for playing golf in college (yes, we had our doubts), and here you are! Congratulations! We know life hasn't always been an easy road for you. You have had many personal challenges and struggles, but in your own way and on your own time, you have learned how to work your way through it. Our hope for you is that you continue pursuing and/or understanding what it is that makes you happy and at peace. You have so much talent, my dear man, so much charisma, heart and compassion to offer the world and the people around you. Know that you are loved and that we believe in you always. Your Mom, Dad, Emma, Ollie, Colby, and Archie



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