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While maintaining good grades in the New Tech/ LEAD program, actively participating on the cross-country team all 4 years, enhancing her family and friends’ lives, Jasmin has also been working at Helm of Sun Valley Snowboard and Ski shop since she was a Freshman.

Future Plans 

Jasmin was accepted into 10 universities and has decided to attend California State University of Channel Islands to pursue a degree in Psychology.This is an academic subject that truly inspires her and she took AP Psychology this year. Jasmin feels strongly passionate about wanting to change the negative social stigma around mental health care. She would like the opportunity to make a career out of ensuring emotional well being as a priority for all and make a difference in this world.

Message from Family

Jasmin you truly are an exceptional young lady with a heart of gold and an integral character. We are so very proud of you as you exhibit a growth mindset, a willingness to learn from your mistakes, you have an incredibly kind/compassionate heart, and you display acceptance and love towards others while maintaining true to yourself.

Jasmin we value that you are not afraid to be yourself and advocate for what you believe is right and fair even if it is not what is trendy or considered to be popular.

Jasmin most full-grown adults do not handle everyday situations like traffic or spilling a cup of coffee the way you were able to navigate through this very difficult year. You are a fighter and a solid rock when the going gets tough you get tougher all the while remaining true to yourself and exuding the kind spirit you possess.

Jasmin you continue to give us hope. We are confident more than ever that you are ready to be an exemplary young adult who will not let anything in this world stop you from being the best you can be.

We adore, admire, and love you more than words can express. Thank you for being a good friend to all, maintaining optimism, and we look forward to see the very bright future with all of the amazing accomplishments you will achieve. Always keep your smile, humble spirit, give grace, and thanks to God. We love you and Congratulations!!! :)



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God bless you honey. Congratulations on such a great achievement! You have thee best mother in the world, You have super good ohana who supports you

Denise Mollo (Keliinoi)

What a wonderful young woman you have turned out to be! I will praying for you as you go onto your next endeavor!

Rochelle Wells

Love all the pictures, memories and so proud of you❤️ Congratulations on all the hard effort and strength you brought to this very difficult year.

Mary Thomas

Congratulations Jasmin!! You have definitely earned it and we are so proud of you! We are excited to see what your future holds! Love Love Love ❤️

Mikelle & Patrick Thomas

You are an extraordinary young woman! The world is a better place because of your voice, your passion, and you wisdom. Congratulations Jasmin!

Corey Kidwell

Congrats on completing high school! It has been so fun to get to know you over the years and can't wait to see whats to come.

Sadie Miller

Congratulations, Jasmin, on reaching this huge mile stone in life in such a spectacular fashion. All the best in your future endeavors!

Betsy Knepper

Congratulations 👏❣️ we are so proud of you.

ada owens

So cute!

Mimi Goulart

Congrats Jasmin! So happy for you and wish you the best always!
College will be an amazing experience for you. Work hard but enjoy the ride! ❤️ Julie


It has been such a pleasure watching you grow up and into the intelligent, beautiful and warm woman you are. Love you 😘

Monique, Jake & Lucie