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Varsity Swim and Dive Team, Math Club

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Study Biomedical Engineering in college with the hope to pursue a career in biotechnology research and entrepreneurship.

Message from Family

Dear Cyrus - In the last four short years, you have come such a long way in terms of personal development, intellectual growth, and academic achievements. Perhaps we don't say this enough (but it should go without saying) that we are deeply proud of not just what you have accomplished but the person you have become. You have traveled down many different roads: some incredibly scenic, some unexpectedly bumpy, some painfully steep, before finding one that has your life's calling. You should be proud of all of them as they have collectively shaped who you are today. So take a moment to reflect on those who helped you through this amazing journey: the devoted teachers who nourished your potential, the loyal friends who stood by you, the coaches and mentors who believed in you and guided you along the way.
More than ever, you are now in the driver's seat in setting your dreams and making them happen. The future is bright and the future is now. :-)
- Love Mama and Baba



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Good luck with all your future pursuits. Well done.

Charan Mokkarala

Dear Cyrus- We are incredibly proud of you! Congratulations on all of your successes over the years! Your dedication is admirable! Lots of love- Jenna

Jenna Hall

Cyrus, congrats! I have learned SO much from you and our conversations. Wishing you the best in the next years, and I can't wait to visit. #sharpei


Go Cyrus! As you get ready to start a new life chapter may the road be smooth & any potholes be few. No one deserves it more.
Susan & Caloy Perfecto

Susan Perfecto