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Symphony orchestra, x fit, diving varsity, Amigos de las Americas

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University of California, Davis

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You can be and do anything. You have all the power. If you can change your thoughts and shift your perceptions, you can change your life. Success comes from hard work, perseverance, perception shifts and overcoming self limiting thoughts and beliefs plus sometimes a dose of luck.
Simone, I am so in awe of you from the get go, you always persevered. Starting with your premature birth with twin to twin transfusion Syndrome to the unexpected death of your father
and more. You’ve packed so much in four years: Symphony orchestra, travel, learning to drive, speaking Quechua and Spanish in rural Ecuador with Amigos program. You were a world ranked athlete in Cross Fit two years in a row and two years of varsity DIving and CCS. You excelled academically with numerous honors and AP classes. Your focus and discipline shows with your 4.25 GPA. I know we didn’t see eye to eye on Middle College at West Valley, but you made it work for you.
Always nourished your kindness and concern for others and animals. Keep helping others with your participation in medical research twin studies.
You are a bright star and I love to the sun and back. Always remember how your father was so very proud of you and he always said we won the jackpot with you. Congratulation Graduate!



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