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Mina participated in the volleyball, softball, and basketball teams. Along with that, she was active in SafeRides as both a volunteer and a board member. She spent all four years as a member of the Japanese National Honor Society, and served as logistics chair, secretary, and president. Mina assisted freshmen in their transition into high school life as a Link Crew member and served as the sophomore representative in Key Club. Outside of school, Mina participates in a traditional Serbian dance group and she is a also nationally ranked epee fencer.

Future Plans 

Mina is going to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall. She plans to major in Computer Science and Game Design. She hopes to spend a semester in Japan, furthering her game design skills and perfecting her knowledge of the Japanese language. She is eager to spend the summer of 2021 traveling around Europe, making up for the summer of 2020. After college, Mina's desire is to work in as many countries as possible, honing her game design capabilities and soaking up as much culture as possible. She also hopes to make many new friends and stay friends with her LGHS people.

Message from Family

Our darling Mina, we are so very proud of and amazed by the wonderful person you grew into. We are excited about the new chapter in your life and cannot wait to see the many adventures you go on in the future. We love you!
Mama i tata



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