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Miles has enjoyed music since he was in elementary school. He played violin in the San Jose Youth Symphony and LGHS orchestra. While at LGHS, Miles arranged songs for string orchestra (Harry Potter, Pirate of Caribbean, and many others). Miles was very fortunate that Ms. Francis (the beloved former Fisher Middle School orchestra teacher) and her orchestra played several of his arrangements during the Picnic & Pops music program at Fisher Middle School. This year Miles also started arranging music for classical guitar.

Miles participated in Track and Field starting in 6th grade. He was a sprinter on the LGHS track team and he had the most success on the 4x100M relay team. When Miles was a junior, the LGHS boys Track and Field team won CCS. Although Miles did not contribute to the CCS win, he was on the 4x100 team that won at the League Finals, and the Arcadia Invitational was another highlight for his 4x100 team.

Future Plans 

Like almost every elementary school boy, Miles wanted to be a video game programmer. This eventually led to his desire to major in computer science in college. He has already taken several computer science courses, which has made him more conflicted as to which specialization in computer science he wants to pursue. His interests range from embedded programming, to video game programming (of course), to ethical hacking, among others. He will have 4 years (maximum) to figure out exactly what he wants to do.

Miles has enjoyed his Japanese classes at LGHS tremendously (Kudos to Hara sensei, Kobayashi sensei, and Jordan sensei). He would love to be an exchange student in Japan while in college.

Miles plans to have fun during college (but hopefully, not too much fun...). The next 4 years should be an exciting time for Miles, getting to know other nice people, learning more about subjects he enjoys, and expanding his horizons.

Message from Family

Mushy message from mom:

Our dearest Miles, you are such a precious gift to this family. Your arrival brought us so much happiness and comfort. As you are graduating and going away to your college adventure, we would like you to know we are always here for you.

We are glad that you have selected computer science as your major, even if that does make it more difficult to get into your preferred college. Choose what you like, then like what you choose. Please be patient with yourself and the field you choose, and give yourself time to grow. Work hard and persevere, then what you chose will like you back. Enjoy the process of learning and getting better each day.

You have been a very happy child. If I could give you a gift, it would be the ability to be happy and successful all the time. Yet, life is not going to always be the way you wish. What you can build on is your resilience. If you fail, no worry--just stand up again. Learn from your mistakes and bounce back to be a better (and happy) you.

You have also been a very bright kid. You received a silver pin in the Math Olympiad in elementary school, which meant that you were in the top 10% of the participants in the world. So believe in yourself and what you have, and know there is something inside you that can enable you to overcome any obstacle.

As you are off to the college, nothing is more important than that you are being happy, healthy, safe and fulfilled.

Once more thing: Can you eat more vegetables in college??

Message from dad:

Study hard in college and never complain when a mean professor assigns too much work, since this is what your dad does in all of the classes he teaches. Those challenging classes are the ones that you will remember, and those are also the classes where you will learn the most.

Once more thing: Don't be a couch potato!



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