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4 years of LGHS Basketball Team

Future Plans 

Gabriel will attend USC next year and will study Environmental Science with a pre-law emphasis. He will also explore independent study of weather.

Message from Family

We are so proud of you, Gabriel! We feel blessed and lucky to have you as our son! You are beautiful inside and out, are passionate, devoted, hardworking, and have developed deep and meaningful relationships that will enrich your life. You deserve good things. We love you so much!



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Gabe I’m so proud of you and your achievements! I’m very grateful to have a friend like you and can not wait to hear what you accomplish at USC!!

Tarkan Basceri

It seems like just yesterday you were that talkative little baby who charmed us all. Time flies! We are so proud of you! Congrats!

Tia Nicole

Congrats Gabe,
I watched u and Tarkan over the years 2 become a young fine men
from the childhood.I am so happy for u my boys.


Gabriel, We love you and are so proud of you! Love Grandma and Grandpa

Donna and Scot Austin

Congratulations on your amazing academic accomplishments at LGHS! USC is fortunate to have you! I look forward to having you in So. Cal. Tio Louie

Louis A Sandoval

Congratulations Gabriel. I feel very happy for you that you got accepted into USC, and any challenges that come your way you can crush. Good luck.

Victor Dalesio

Congratulations! Well Done! I am excited to hear about your interest in meteorology :) Please stay in touch!!

Cindy Vindasius

Dear Gabriel,

We are so very proud of you and congratulate you on all your accomplishments! You are going far and we love you!
Ella, Karina, Louis

Karina Tarkhanian