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LGHS Jazz Band, USAF Civil Air Patrol leader and volunteer RC Flight Instructor

Future Plans 

Chris plans to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona as an Aerospace Engineering major along with joining the Air Force ROTC. He plans to become a fighter-pilot and fly the F-35 Lightening II for the the United States Air Force.

Message from Family

Chris-Know that your family will always be your #1 supporters as you Aim High, Fly, Fight and Win towards your dreams of flying with the USAF. You can always count on us through your journeys. You have already accomplished so much and we are so very proud of you!



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Chris,estamos muy felices que hayas alcanzado esta meta,pues es el inicio para muchas más.!Tienes las ganas,la pasión y el talento.!Eres un campeon!🏆

Tía Sole,Tío Rafa,Diego y Ma Paula

Hello my dear nephew!
Wow! What an accomplishment, not only graduating but being on your way to realising your dreams before completing high school!

Jose A Sanchez-Mosqueda

¡Hola primo! Aunque no haya tenido la oportunidad de conocerte en persona, puedo decir que estoy muy orgullosa de ti. Sigue volando alto!

Raquel chiquinquirá