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Junior Varsity Soccer
Junior Varsity and Varsity Hockey
Varsity Badminton
Spatial Arts Elective Pathway

Future Plans 

University of Toronto | Daniels Faculty of Architecture
Study Abroad in Japan
RV Road Trip with the Boys

Message from Family

Big, Bug, Dawg, Bud, BigE, Big Man, Friend, whatever we call you – you are our favorite son (well technically you are our only son, but we won’t stand on technicalities). You cannot imagine how proud we are of you, and you probably won’t be able to until you have a child of your own. Until you witness firsthand how your baby becomes a child, then becomes an adolescent, and then miraculously becomes an adult you won’t understand. Until you experience the joy that you have brought to us, you won’t truly appreciate what it means to be a parent – it’s hard to explain, but I’m sure that every other parent gets it. You mean everything to us. You have become someone smart, caring, funny, loyal, but most of all, someone I’d be honored to call my friend. And we are truly proud to call you our son. We love you so much.



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