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Sam found a passion with his introduction to KCAT and creative pursuits with Collin Colson and others working on Toddcast, school theater, talent shows and more. It was interesting for us to see him take on Reality Check, beekeeping, annual trips to Mexico with his friends at PCLG, D&D, travel and adventure with his friends. For his 18th birthday he went skydiving with his Grandma Ginny!

Future Plans 

Sam is excited to attend Chapman University/Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

Message from Family

Dear Sam, Congrats! We are proud of you for your curiosity, courage to take on new ventures, and ability to stay the course when under fire. Way to go on your success with Blithedale and your run for State Assembly. Cheers, most of all, to owning your inner Bob Ross and to your exquisite friendships. May they always be your North Star. We love, love, love, love, love, love, love you! Mom, Dad, George and Rosie



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Congrats Sam! Seems like yesterday that you and Gio were in Kindergarten. Enjoy this next chapter. xoxo Evans Fam

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