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Seres was in every LGHS fall play during his four years in high school. As a freshman, he was Henry the Mailman in Rosie the Riveter. Then he played Beagle in Attack of the Zombies, followed by Dr. Von Sochocky in Radium Girls. In his high school finale, he was Colin Chambers in Ax of Murder. He played the saxophone in the symphonic band and played in the pit orchestra for the spring musical "Legally Blonde". He has enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities with the LGHS drama department. Seres was also a student athlete for all four of his high school years. He was on the JV swim team and then the Varsity swim team, all the while being the biggest (loudest) cheerleader for his teammates.

Future Plans 

Seres plans to major in Chemistry in college. His longer term plan is to go on to graduate school and become a chemistry professor and researcher, though that could change, maybe even several times over. Whatever he decides to pursue, he will always have his family right behind him.

Message from Family

We are so very proud of Seres’ growth and achievements over the last 17 years. We take great joy in watching him mature into the charming and intelligent young man that he is now. We hope that he will continue to seek out opportunities to learn and grow. We know with certainty that he has endless potential in his future.



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I remember when I use to ride our bikes to an from school, good memories


I will always remember the little boy that I took the park with his little red wagon an all the fun we had together. where did all the years go...


u r DA best brother!

Reinier, Little Brother