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JV Softball freshman to junior year

Future Plans 

Going to CSU Chico to pursue nursing

Message from Family

Ashley, we are very proud you! You worked so hard to get here. We can't wait to see where your next adventures take you. Love you!!!



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Congrats Ashley! We love you.

Aunt Alisa and Uncle Jacob

Alisa Olson

Congratulations Ashley! Blessings to you on your next adventure!

Avery Charles

Ashley! Congratulations on graduating. You are brilliant & beautiful with many amazing talents that will get you very far in life. I love you!

Miriam Leany Kalubi

Hey Ashley, congratulations on finishing this adventure, and best of luck on the next! I'm sure you will conquer any mountain you climb! Love, the Wolfes

Brenda Wolfe

Ashley you are amazing congratulations on graduating!!

Joshua, Linda, Logan,Nolan,Orrin,Abigail

Ashley, hiciste un buen trabajo. Estoy tan orgulloso de ti. Eres muy amable y siempre quieres ayudar a la gente. Dios te bendiga, tu familia te ama.


Congratulations Ashley on graduating. ... I love you very much. Love Grandma Jordan.

Grandma Jordan

Coach Barker is correct and I would about St. Francis and we have 2 outfielders or "Dropping" the magnetic line up board good luck

Coach Edwards

Look at you finishing high school Chico is lucky to get you


Hey dude I love you and good luck with your future. Your pictures are so cute I love them all. I can't wait to see you again ❤

Rachel DeMayola

Congratulations, we love you. Keep working hard, and choosing the right.

Joe, Trisha, Isabella, Irene, Sophia, Scarlett, Hazel, Vivien

Congratulations. I am so proud of you. You are as sweet as you are beautiful and talented. Lots of love and best wishes! Grandma


Congratulations! I miss seeing you. You have always been impressive in your intelligence, work ethic, and kindness. Here’s to a very bright future!

Maren Elliott

Congratulations Shlee!!! Love you!!


You are the Shlee to your Vin. Good job doing this thing.


Congratulations Ashymodo, be good all the days of your life. We love you.

Uncle David, Aunt Veronica, Tina, Deakin, Donovan, Dustan and Merry

Congratulations sweet niece of mine! We are very proud of you and so excited to hear how life goes the Lord bless you in all you do. We love you tons!

Leticia Leany

Congratulations Ashley. You are inspiring and kind and strong and brave. Wishing you all the best in everything to come.


Congrats Ashley!! Good luck in college!! :)))

Maddie Charles

I’m asked all the time “ why do I coach”, several reasons ,but at the top of the list is it allows me to coach/teach such fine young ladies like you.

Coach Ken

Congratulations you are definitely going to make a wonderful nurse


Congratulations on your hard work and accomplishment! I love you.

Lindsay Pulido

Congratulations on graduating. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you will do. Please email me your number so we can keep in touch

Jennifer Brunson

We love you Ashley. Mom, Dad, Andrew and Kevin