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Shelby will remember the camaraderie and the life experiences with her peers and staff at Los Gatos High. Her lifelong friendships and memories will remain forever in her heart. She was definitely a team player at Los Gatos High! Her social skills, creativity, vision, and positive attitude shined through Leadership, volleyball, and across the community. One of her fondest memories as a Junior was her trip to New Orleans. Together with the support of Shirts Across America and Rebuilding Together, Shelby and other students helped rebuild homes from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. It was a lot of hard work but she also enjoyed some free time to tour around and immersed herself in NOLA's culture, especially the people, food and music! It showed her the strong impact she can have on others and reinforced her passion to help others. Her experience working as a gymnastics coach in high school further refined her focus to impact the next generation via childhood education. She is proud to be a Los Gatos Wildcat!

Future Plans 

Shelby will be attending TCU in the Fall in Fort Worth, Texas, with a major in Early Childhood Education. We are here to cheer you on! Riff Ram Bah Zoo! Go Frogs!

Message from Family

Congratulations, Shelby! We have seen you spread your wings at every milestone and couldn't be more proud as we look back at your accomplishments! Continue to soar, sweetie! TCU awaits! Always strive to do your very best, have fun and soak it all in! Prayers and blessings on your next chapter in life! The best is yet to come! We love you! --Mom, Dad, Daryl and KC



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My sweet Shelby gull!
I am so glad to have had such an amazing best friend by my side throughout high school! Love you shelby skye!!!!