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Girls Soccer: 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19; Leo's Club (President, member): 2016-2020: Future Business Leaders of America (2016-19); Surf Club (Founder): 2019-2020; Rugby (Founder): 2020; Sports Med Program (2019-20)

Future Plans 

Admission to UCLA, Systems and Computational Biology major with the goal of medical school and becoming a general surgeon. Scotland or Bust!

Message from Family

We are so proud that you have worked so hard in high school and taken the initiative to create clubs, constantly challenge yourself and, most of all, be an honest and caring person. Your hard work paid off! We love you, Katarina. -Dad, Ben, Grandma, Bubbah, Jeff, Betsy, Ellie, Jenny, Nicki, Scott, Karla, Mom, Nick, and Vince



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Katarina, I'm so impressed with all that you have achieved. You are going to make a great impact on this world. I can't wait to see whats next for you

Aunt Stacie

Congratulations on graduating, and on your acceptance to UCLA. We know you will continue to work hard in all that you do. Also take time to have fun!

Don & Jen

Hi Kat. I am very proud of you and happy that you are my granddaughter. You are very intelligent AND sweet. You will accomplish all of your goals.

florence Bellenger