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I will see where life takes me... Keegan

Message from Family

Keegan, you have always been someone who loved energy and new people. Starting at Los Gatos High was an eye-opener after the small community of the mountains. It has been a pleasure to see you get dressed up for Spirit Week and high school dances. You were enamored with the sheer amount of peers available at the football games. We will miss the ceramic creations you brought home as well as the stories from your teachers. Our time off traveling was great, and we appreciate your sacrifice of peer time to enable us to do that. Who knew that Covid would make seeing those friends impossible even after our return. We are sorry about the timing, though happy to have you safely home. We are proud of you for finishing up your high school requirements starting with online classes when we were in Colombia. With all the uncertainty around, we’re not sure what is up for next fall. We are sure that you will bring joy and fun wherever you go.

Mom, Dad, Naomi and Rieta



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Keegan, you are awesome! Well-traveled, volleyball *star*, has swam with a hammerhead shark, and now a graduate. So cool. So proud of you.


Already a high school graduate!! How did these years passed? I am not surprised though- that makes me a proud Aunt. You deserve to feel proud, too!

Julia Petersen

So excited to see what's in the next chapter of your journey! You are such a kind, thoughtful soul. Let those unique qualities shine! We love you.

Jon & Wendy

Keegs! I love your good humor (even in the face of a scorpion non-infestation) & cheerful persistence (esp around board game recruiting)! Hugs n love~


I have loved watching you becoming-- especially on the volleyball court where you are a patient coach and generous with encouragement and credit.


Growing up and seeing you change and develop you're personality has been incredible and I can't wait to see what you do next. Love you Keeg!

Elaina B

You did it! Congrats on finishing high school, now it is time to celebrate! You should be proud of this milestone, I'm excited to see what's next :)

Sergei Jacobs

Way to go, Keeg! Now comes the fun part. High school is just the end of the beginning.

Bhuncle O

Keeg, so fun to see you grow from crying babe in Seattle/Costa Rica :) to the warm, funny, interesting man you're becoming;congrats on this milestone!

Bhuncle Arbo

Congratulations, Keegan! The world so needs your fantabulousness. Take some time and figure out your superpower, then give it all you've got!

Jennifer Hobbs

Congratulations Keegan! What a year for you! It started unconventional and ends a way no one would have ever imagined. Keep following your heart.

The Leons

Hey Keeg, congrats. I have always believed you have talent, and on many fronts. Physically and intellectually.


Came all the way to Columbia yet no graduation invite? Rude! Notwithstanding, you’ve a splendid soul & I cannot wait for the adventures ahead!

Bob McGrory

Keegster! You are such a great leader and you bring people together-be it over a game of munchkin or your kind actions and inclusion for all.Congrats!

Bhousin Fos

Keegan, You are an awesome human being, my man. You've got a great sense of humor and love of life. I look forward to seeing you grow and prosper!

Bhuncle Clif

Congratulations on your pending graduation! We are happy you are home from your travels and look forward to the day we can see you in person again.


Dear Keegan,

What a wild senior year this has been for you. Unique like you! May your future be filled with adventure and meaning!

Angele Price

Keegan I am so proud of you, you have come so far from the freshmen I used to tutor. I’m excited to see where life takes you! Congratulations !!

Taylor Campbell

Congrats! Loved the tutu. And looking forward to watching you transition from high schooler to *adult.* Choose the life you want!

Nelda Swiggett

Keeg! You’ve always brought positivity wherever you go. You’ve always been so open & inviting, starting good conversation & making me feel welcome (:

Gabby De Ranieri

I'm excited to see where the upbeat tenacity that started many games and convos and led you to be such a (Sinclair) volleyball pro will take you!


I know wherever life takes you, you will make it count. Life is just beginning, have fun discovering where it leads.

Karen Bercaw

Dear Keegan
Congratulations on finishing high school and on all your many accomplishments so far. Good luck for you wherever you go, whatever you do!!

Nili Mor

Congratulations Keegan!
We wish you all the best as you continue learning, growing and exploring!

Rebecca Marchesi