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Dedicated Member of Reality Check and Honors Choir

Future Plans 

Allyson intends to become a Veterinarian. After getting her undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences, at UC Davis, she ultimately wants to continue her education to receive her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and work at an emergency animal hospital.

Message from Family

Allyson, there are no words that can adequately express how proud of you we all are. Watching you grow up and become the young adult you are today has been a remarkable journey of happiness, laughter, sadness, joy, disappointments, challenges, successes, and failures. All of these have made you the incredible person you are today as you always find a way to stay positive. You know how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off when life knocks you down. This will all serve you well for your future experiences and endeavors. Finding your passion and pursuing your career goals as a Veterinarian shows your dedication and determination to follow your dreams. We know your future will be incredible; you have become a self-sufficient, passionate person who is self-reliant and dedicated to those you care about, yourself, and your future. You are an incredible daughter, sister, family member, friend, and girlfriend, always being there for a good laugh, cry, or just good advice. Your thoughtfulness for others and your dedication to animals shows your character as a passionate kindhearted person. You never back down from a challenge, and you give your all to all situations that come your way. Through the good and the not so good, you have negotiated and navigated it all with grace and integrity. You never settle; you always strive to accomplish all of your goals and aspirations. We have never had any doubt that you will “succeed”!



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I love you to the moon and stars wifey and I am so excited to visit you at your dream school! Heres to our never ending adventure <3


Ally, we admire your positivism and hard work ethic. You are an amazing young lady. You will go far and we wish you all the best at U.C. Davis!!

Bambas Family

I love you Allyson Jean. So proud of your accomplishments at LGHS. Your support for Mom at this difficult time is awesome. On to UC Davis,Go girl!

Jean Francisco

Congratulations Ally! Your hard work, passion, and positivity have served you well! I know you will take this to UC Davis and thrive!


Happy Graduation!!! So proud of you but also so excited for you! UC Davis - here you come!!!


Congrats Ally. We are all so proud of you. Hard work pays off and you certainly put in the hard work. Good luck at UCD. You’ll do great.

Barry Phillips

Congrats Allyson! You are a true inspiration and role model for the boys, both as a person and a scholar. UCD is made better with you as an Aggie!

Dezi, Mason and Tom

So happy for you Ally! It has been a wild 4 years, but you made it! Looking forward to watching the next chapter unfold. It'll be a gas ;)

Kam Ostrum

Congratulations on graduating from LGHS! I am so proud of you and I'm so excited to see how much you accomplish at Davis! Love you!!


Congrats Ally! It's been an honor to witness your growth from an energetic 5 year old into a dynamic and accomplished LGHS graduate. UCD is lucky!


The day has come when you make another significant transition in your life. You have worked very hard. Congratulations on achieving your goals.

Diane Francisco

Congratulations Ally! UC Davis here you come!