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Vittorio has been part of the String Chamber for all 4 years. He has been in the "Music for Millions" Club for 4 years. He has been founder and president of CreativItaly Club. He's been part of the Los Gatos Rowing Club for 4 years.

Future Plans 

Vittorio wants to become a mechanical engineer, with particular interests in robotics and autonomous drive. He's planning on pursuing this dream at Virginia Tech.

Message from Family

Dear Vittorio, when we moved to California 8 years ago, it was mainly with your future in mind, but reality went beyond our expectations. That child had already demonstrated innate extraordinary abilities to thrive in unfamiliar and uncertain environments with a positive attitude that constantly sparked friendly social interactions. Along your path to become a bright adult, you have continuously proved your determination, from giving your last drop of energy on the finish line of each regatta to staying up late to write your essays in challenging AP classes. We love your readiness to take an active role in your community, from the volunteer hours spent at the YMCA with your adoring group of playful toddlers to the tireless work to create the cultural bridge through the club CreativItaly. We admire your grace in juggling all that without losing the capability to express your creative soul by producing music on the numbers of instruments you can play or using the most advanced tools to express yourself freely. We are so proud of you!
Of all these success stories and character traits, the one we love the most is your welcoming and warm smile, which has brightened your past and will continue to enlighten this new upcoming chapter of your life. Buona Fortuna!



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