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You have grown so much over the past 4 years and we are so proud of you. Your passion and zest for life, and warm and quick witted personality will serve you well. Go make your dreams come true and know we are your biggest supporters!



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Congratulations Max on your high school graduation! We wish you much happiness in your future.


Jim and Dana

Jim & Dana Elliott

Nice job Max finishing high school we will see if I make it too!!

Conrad Simpson

Dear Max,
I am beyond proud of you! YOU are a graduate 🎓 of LGHS!!!!!! GO forth MAX & remember, Iwill always & forever be by your side in partnership!


Hey max,
Thank you for always being the best friend ever, Im so glad we became so close, and I’m really going to miss seeing you as often. Love you!


Big man! It was a pleasure getting to know you in ceramics and keeping that connection after. Good luck to you in the future. Bloody good job lad!


We are so proud of you, your the sweetest, loving boy. We know what ever you decide to do you will do well. Wishing you a wonderful exciting life

Papa and grandma

It feels like I have known you forever. I hope you keep thriving through college bud!


I’ll never forget the memories we made in high school. You’ve made the past 1 1/2 years so fun and I will miss you next year. We <3 u!


Good job max


Hi Max,
It has been our pleasure to get to know you. You have been so kind and caring to our Joelle, and to us. Thank you for being you!
love, JE

Janie and Jim Elliott

MAX!!!!!! The Gordon’s love you so much! You’ve always been so fun and have grown into such an impressive young man!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Mandy Gordon

Congrats Max! Best of luck! Please keep in touch!!

Cindy Vindasius