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Demetri played on the water polo team all four years. He served as Captain his Sophomore year and was named First Team All-League. In his Junior year he was given the Spirit of the Wildcat Award. Demetri played on the baseball team his Freshman and Sophomore years. He was part of the LEAD program and he was a member of the UNICEF Club where he served as treasurer in his Sophomore and Junior years.

Future Plans 

Demetri is excited and ready to begin his next chapter! He will be attending St. Mary's College in the fall and pursuing a degree in Political Science. He plans to go to law school after completing his undergraduate studies.

Message from Family

Demetri, from the moment you were born you changed us and our world in the most profound ways. You are such a gift to us and can brighten any room with your presence, knowledge, and great sense of humor. You are an incredible son, brother, and friend and you have a way of touching the lives of all who get to know you. It has been our joy to watch you grow up and a thrill to cheer for you in the stands of all your sports through the years. We couldn't be more proud of you. You truly are an amazing young man. Congratulations on your High School Graduation! We look forward to watching you spread your wings in college and beyond. We believe in you and know you are going to go out into the world and make it so much better. We love you D! Love, Mom and Dad and Timothy and Arianna too



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Hey D! You’re the most genuine, and kindhearted person I’ve ever met. I love you and I’m so beyond words proud of you. Congratulations Demetri!💞-Isa

Isabelle Achkar