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Liam was the goalie for the varsity waterpolo team and he also wrestle for Los Gatos.

Future Plans 

Liam's future is a mystery, much as the man himself. Chances are it will include surfing, backpacking, exploring exhotic places and culinary delight.

Message from Family

May 9, 2020

A Note to Our Son at his High School Graduation

Liam, watching you grow up from an impatient and restless child who couldn’t sit still in a classroom circle to the amazing person you are today, has been a most rewarding experience. The list of mischievous acts you have engaged in your younger days has been long and made us worry about your future - peeing on our comfort chair under the cushion because you were lazy or late to go to the bathroom, running naked in the street in the rain with boots only, sticking gum into the car ignition, climbing into the dryer, breaking out of your preschool grounds to lead your classmates on an adventure are a few examples – however, what an amazing young person you turned out to be…. Today, as you graduate from high school with an outstanding academic and athletic achievements, you make us proud. You are a beautiful balanced young man with boundless opportunity to become successful in life. You are smart, confident, funny, musical, friendly and caring person with a good sense of morality. Use your talents to do good in life. Be respectful of all people, living things and of life itself. Determine what success means to you and go achieve it. Share your success and passions with others, be happy and strive for a brighter and more just future.

Mom and I are here to support you, watch you grow and love you forever.

Abba & Mama



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I'm so proud of you lili, I love you

Laura Dachs