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Aubrey participated in tennis throughout her years at Los Gatos High. She didn’t let being on opposite teams deter her from making friends with her opponents on the courts. Most importantly, Aubrey cherished the camaraderie among her fellow teammates, and she’ll miss the support, laughter, and pasta feeds they all shared. Aubrey was also involved in clubs and organizations like Entrepreneurship Club, Medical Awareness and Action Club, and Link Crew.

Future Plans 

After taking an AP Psychology class, Aubrey was so excited about the subject matter that she wanted to major in it. She plans to study the mind in college, followed by attending medical school where she’ll shift her focus to studying about the human body and learning to become a physician.

Message from Family

Dearest Aubrey,

You’ve made us so proud of the young lady you’ve become. We know you’ll continue to work hard to achieve whatever you set your mind on. Just know that we wholeheartedly trust in your decisions, and we’ll be your staunchest supporters and your most devoted believers. We’ll never forget the baby who used to belly laugh, and we wish that you continue to find joy and laughter throughout your life.

We love you so much,
Mom and Dad



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