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Los Gatos High School Varsity Baseball, Travel Baseball, Boys Team Charity

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Studying Environmental Engineering at University of Colorado Boulder

Message from Family

We are so proud of you! You have accomplished so much over the past 18 years and we are in awe of the graduate we see before us today. You were born with a passion to build, to create, to innovate and discover new ways to understand the world around you. You are intelligent, curious and fiercely independent. You never asked for help in school and are always willing to accept a new challenge. You have moved around the world with our family and always transitioned with ease wherever you landed. You worked hard to earn an outstanding academic record over the past 12 years and have respect for teachers, staff and classmates who helped you along the way. You have the gift of athleticism and we proudly watched you soar in baseball, cross-country running, golf, skiing, basketball, swimming and biking. You have a keen sense of adventure and your love for the outdoors has taken you on trips around the world, epic hikes in the mountains and adventurous fishing expeditions in lakes, rivers and streams. You have always wanted to travel and explore new frontiers around the world. You are patient and kind and care about community service and faith. You have a wicked sense of humor and somehow always manage to make those around you laugh. You possess all the qualities that will take you far in life.
It is so exciting to watch you graduate in a historical ceremony at Los Gatos High School. The Class of 2020 will be remembered forever. We also know that you and your 2020 classmates have been thrown into a storm of an unprecedented global crisis, heartbreaking
losses and confusing times about the future of our world. We know, however, that you will flourish and find your way.
Our wish for you, as you walk through history with the Class of 2020, is that you do not stay stuck in the past with regret, but remember the blessing you have been given and hold onto the unwavering power of faith, family and friends. We hope you look to this great pause in time as an opportunity to create a better world, use technology to improve systems, demand sustainability and a cleaner environment and plan to be a leader in innovation. We know you will be successful at the University of Colorado, Boulder and we can't wait to see what the future holds for you.
Walk through every door. Take every opportunity as a gift and make the most of every moment. Congratulations! We love you!
Love, Mom, Dad & Brittany



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Congratulations! Well Done! Please stay in touch!!

Cindy Vindasius

Congrats Ryan!!! So excited for your next 4 years at UC Boulder!! They are lucky to have such a kind and caring student coming!

Kerry Lindholm