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Three years of Field Hockey, four years of art up through Art 4 Honors

Future Plans 

Katie is looking forward to moving down to Santa Barbara as soon after graduation as possible to study psychology, communications and marketing. She will participate in the TAG Program, studying initially at Santa Barbara City College, eventually transferring into UC Santa Barbara. Having already spent time in 12 countries on three continents, Katie is hoping to do a year abroad as well.

Message from Family

You were born determined and strong, and you have never hesitated to go after what you want. We're incredibly proud of your tenacity and work ethic, which will take you far, but your generosity and kindness is what shows us the incredible human you've become. You've shown the world who you truly are in your roles as daughter, big sister, classmate, team mate, co-worker, and friend...

Katie, you’re smart, you’re warm, you’re giving, you’re graceful, you’re driven, and you’re stunningly beautiful…especially on the inside. You’re the best of your parents, and we never dared dream you’d make us so proud in so many ways. Our little girl grew into a woman, one we couldn’t be more grateful for. We love you beyond words! Go get 'em!



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