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Javier was part of Marching Band the four years of High School. He also participated in Winter Percussion in his sophomore and junior years. On those two years, he was in the Model UN Club as well. As a member of the Model United Nations Club, he attended several conferences around the Bay Area. He took part in other clubs like Interact, Music for Millions and Fiction for Kids.

Future Plans 

Javier says, "I hope to learn the engineering skills required in order to design and create medical devices for people in developing countries. In addition, since I have always been interested in different cultures, I hope to learn languages that will allow me to communicate with people from many foreign countries, to better understand how cultures are related and how we can benefit from others around the world."

Message from Family

Congratulations, dearest Javier!
I am so very proud of you. You are a wonderful, genuine, caring person full of amazing qualities, and an excellent student. You have accomplished so much thanks to your incredibly hard work, your perseverance and the high expectations for yourself.
I am going to miss you every minute but at the same time, I can't wait to see you make your mark in the world. Enjoy every step of your journey. I will be there to support you, always. Be safe and be very, very happy! Go Bears!
All my love.



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We are both so proud of you and excited to see what this next chapter in your life will bring to you.

Much love,
Prasad & Nicole

Prasad & Nicole