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Future Plans 

Monica has plans to pursue a double major in Creative Writing and Graphic Arts

Message from Family

Our Dear Monica,

We are so proud of the person you are – smart, kind, funny, cheerful and empathetic. You fill our hearts and home with your laughter and uplifting spirit. Always keep these qualities with you as you venture out into the world.

Follow your dreams no matter what obstacles you may encounter. Never forget that you are a talented writer and artist. We are excited for your future as you pursue your dreams and will always be your cheering squad.

We love you and are lucky to be your parents.

Mom and Dad



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Upea saavutus, Monica! Onnea ja menestystä tuleviin opintoihisi.


Congratulations Monica you did it it's going to pay off for your future good job take care and have a blessed day see you soon from your uncle Mike💐

Mike Delao

Congratulations Monica!
May all your dreams extend beyond a lifetime!!🌹

Michele LoVine

You did it! Your future is so bright and I can't wait too see all you accomplish in your next adventure. Enjoy the journey!
Love you, Loretta

Loretta Lopez

Onnea Monica! Ihana elämä odottaa, luota itseesi. Kuuntele sydäntäsi, usko intuitioon. Kaikki mitä haluat onnistuu, usko siihen. Timo & Irja

Timo Moilanen

Congratulations Monica! Great job on completing high school and you accomplishments. Time to celebrate!

Lewis Falwell

I wish you all the best🍀

Raimo Maaninka

I am so proud of you. You are an amazing human being. Congratulations!

kristi hartmann

Hello Cousin!
I see a very bright future ahead of you. Cheers to all of your accompishments!😁👩🏻‍🎓👍

Jacob Delao

Congratulations for your graduation! We wish you all the best for your future plans.
Keep smiling!
Kimmo & Katriina

Kimmo Oikarinen

Hi Monica dear!!! HUGE congratulations for your gradutation! Wish only amazing things for your future endeavours and hope to see you again soon!

Mirja, Matti & Emilia

Im really proud of you Monica! Thanks for being the best sister that I could not have ever imagined! Good luck at SJSU!

Daniel Moilanen

Daniel Moilanen

Hienoa nähdä että sinusta on kasvanut jo aikuinen ja kaunis nainen.
Onnittelut saavutuksistasi ja voimia tulevaisuuteen.

Toni Kontiomaa

Congratulations, you are a super star and we are so proud of you
Talented, caring, thoughtful.Wonderful memories as you were growing up Love You

Ditty Smith