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Colin was on the water polo and swim team and was president of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) club.

Future Plans 

Colin will be studying Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State starting fall 2020.

Message from Family

Our wish for you is to know that you come from a strong foundation of love from god, family and friends. Please use that love to further inspire you. Always believe in yourself, work hard, have integrity and surround yourself with the best people and you will thrive. We are so proud of you, love you, and are excited to see your future. Congratulations and best wishes on studying Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University. Love, Dad, Mom, Julia

As Colin's great aunt/uncle and godparents we could not be prouder. Watching him from birth, an apt metaphor would be how he could take random Legos and create most anything. That knack, able to create something out of nothing is what the world needs. We look forward to seeing how Colin will use his creativity, independent thinking, and good heart in college and beyond. Congratulations -Jim and Pam

Congratulations dearest Colin. May the North Star always help you follow your dreams and heart's true desires. Love you always, Grammy



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