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Marching Band, Winter Percussion

Future Plans 

Chelsea will be attending Scripps College in the Fall; we're hoping she'll get to attend in person!

Message from Family

We are so proud of Chelsea's achievements. She is incredibly smart, caring, an accomplished musician, and has a stinging dry wit which is a joy to witness (and be the brunt of...) We love you Chelsea!



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Great job Chelsea! Congratulations!

Laura Parker

We've been in the Chellie FanClub since U were a little tater tot. Demure? Unassuming? TRUE! But WE know what a BADASS you really R. Watch out world.

Miriam & Rob

Hey Chelsea! Wishing you big, giant, monster congratulations! So excited for you and all the new escapades that await!


Congrats Chelsea! You rock! Can’t wait to see you thriving at college!


Congratulations Chelsea. So proud of you. You are an AMAZING young woman.


I've loved watching you grow into the beautiful wise young lady you have become. Great things are in your future.


It has been a pleasure watching you grow into an independent, deep and beautiful human. Excited to see how this next chapter unfolds!

Cassandra Harms

Congratulations, Chelsea!! This Surf Auntie is so happy and excited for you as you move onto the new challenges and adventures waiting for you!

Carol Braham



Congratulations Chelsea!! You’re a rock star!!

Aunt Nancy

Great page! Congratulations. Best wishes for a successful, fun run at Scripps!!!!

Aunt Margie

Over the years I've had the pleasure to share in your mom's joy and pride in all that you've accomplished. Way to go Chelsea!

Surf Auntie Susie Deutsch

CHELSEA!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are such an amazing individual and your friendship has meant the world to me over the years. The future is yours!


Congrats Chelsea! You’ve always been wise beyond your years. Quiet & observant on the outside -fun & exuberant on the inside.

Lisa Perkins

Chelsea! Many many congratulations to you! I have been watching all the amazing things you do through your mom - You are going to do great things!