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Water polo, volleyball, fishing, hiking and having lots of fun with friends

Future Plans 

Alessandro will be studying psychology at Cabrillo College before entering the police academy. He plans on going into law enforcement.

Message from Family

Congratulations and Tantissimi Auguri! We love you and are so very proud of you. We are excited to watch you go after your dreams. Ti vogliamo bene, Mamma e Papà



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Congratulazioni per aver superato anche questa prova. Ti auguro ogni felicità e ti abbraccio con tutto il cuore. I nonni dal cielo ti sono vicini.

Nonna Mery

Congratulations Alex!
Wishing you much success!
I look forward to what the world has to offer you in the next chapter of your life.

Trudy Ehlenberger

Caro Alessandro,
Tantissimi auguri. Questo è un bellissimo momento per te e l'inizio di una nuova vita.
I am very excited and proud for you.


Congratulazioni Ale ! Continua così e realizza i tuoi obbiettivi . Al nostro prossimo incontro festeggeremo con un altra bella serata a Rimini.


Alessandro, May the future bring you many opportunities and positive adventures!

Angele Price

Congratulations Ale! You have worked hard and overcome. You have a bright future ahead of you.


Carissimo Ali, oggi hai compiuto un altro grande passo. Anche se da lontano, abbiamo seguito con orgoglio ogni tappa della tua vita. Siamo fieri di te

Zia Chiara zio Fede

Congrats Alessandro, you've made it! We are super excited for your future plans -- we sure could use another good man in blue!

Kevin, Cathy, Grace and Claire

Congratulations Allesandro! The world needs good people like you in the policeforce right now. Good for you!


Dear Alessandro
Congratulations on your high school graduation and good luck on your next step in life! Nili & family

Nili Mor