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Claire participated in Leo's Club all 4 years, culminating as president her senior year. She rowed with Los Gatos Rowing Club for 2 years and competes with the Sea Star Equestrian Team in Soquel.

Future Plans 

Claire is over the moon to attend American University in Washington DC. DC is her favorite city and it's a dream come true to move out there and be a part of making our country and the world a better place. She'll be studying international relations, starting with a special program in Bath, England (fingers crossed!) this fall.

Message from Family

Our Claire Bear. We couldn't love you more. We are so proud of you, of how far you've come, of how brightly you shine, and of all that is yet to be! with love, Mom, Dad, Spencer, and the puppies.



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Best wishes on the next step in your journey. May you always continue to be kind and patient in the way that made you Abel's favorite person.

Sue Landaiche

You're gonna rock college! So proud of the woman you've become.

Auntie Shantal

Congratulations to you, Claire! You are such a beautiful, poised woman with a brain that will take you far. You have a world of Lopportunities ahead.💕

Betsy & David Fullagar

What a pleasure to watch you grow up over the years! Congratulations today and always...can’t wait to hear about your next adventures @ American.


Congratulations! I miss you, and I’m so excited to hear about your adventures ahead. Your thoughtfulness, strength, and poise are an example to me.

Maren Elliott

Congratulations on your graduation from Los Gatos high school!! It does not seem like four years since you have been at CT!! Best of luck next year❤️

Patty Smrt

Claire, congratulations on all your accomplishments! You have such grace, humor, warmth, and wisdom! Happy next chapter!

Corey Kidwell

Congratulations Claire🎉🎓 We have watched you grow up into an amazing young woman and wish you much success in your journey ahead! Enjoy💕

The Campbell Family

Congratulations, Claire!

Best wishes for a happy and wonderful future.

Lil Snee

Congratulations Claire! We are so proud of you!

Uncle Andy

You are awesome. We are so very happy for you and your achievements.

Grandpa and Grandma Rands

Congratulations, Claire! So proud of you on this milestone and so excited for you to attend American. Love, Uncle John

John Lyon

How blessed I am to have always been a part of your life. You are a wonderful human being. I am so very proud of you. Great things ahead. Love, Gran

Ann Canann

Dear Claire,
We are so proud of you. 🎉
Excited to see your beautiful vision for the future making a difference in DC. 🇺🇸 ☮️
We all love you!!

The Schwabechers

Claire! We are so proud of the beautiful person you have become. We are so excited that you're going to such an exciting city,DC and hopefully Bath someday

Janine Chan