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Nate loves travel and the outdoors so he chose to be involved in activities like LGHS sponsored trips. He loved going to Costa Rica and Catalina island.

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Message from Family

Nate, you have always been quiet and thoughtful, witty and kind. Your dad, sister, and I are so proud to see you graduate and now achieve bigger goals you've set for yourself. We can't wait to see what you chose to study, what your academic passion will be and what your future holds. It's all up to you now. We're here cheering you on!



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WAY TO GO, Nate!!! Congrats!!!

Amy Parham

Congratulations on your graduation, Nate! Well done to finish high school. Onward to the next chapter in life - college. I wish you all the best.


Congrats Cousin Nate, I am so very proud of you. I never doubted for a minute that you would become the man you are today. Enjoy the journey.

Richard Stout

Nate..we are so thrilled and proud of the man you already are. Can’t wait to share with you, what we know will be An exciting journey. We love you!!

Aunt Jodi &Uncle Chris

Nate, This is Auntie and❤ So proud you graduating even in the season of isolation. You are so blessed and wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS! WE LOVE YOU🎉🎉❤

Loydette Strong

Nate Great job making it through high school I’m really proud of you keep up the good work

Rob strong

Nate, so proud of the person you have become and excited for the experiences you will have as you begin your college life. Aim High!
Love , Grandma

Tish Landi

Congrats to the best thing that ever happened to Los Gatos High School.
Nate, I know you will choose an education and career you will love great job!

Richard “Papa” Landi

Congrats Nate!!! I am excited for your next adventure. Ready to explore new worlds and step into your destiny. You have everything you need to summit!


I’m so proud of you for graduating Nate! It’s been so fun to grow up with you and I hope you have an amazing time in college. Love you!

Stephanie Heltsley

Hey Nate!Your fam from NY are so proud of your awesome accomplishments!!!! Hope wherever ur journey takes u next it creates lots of gr8 memories!!

Tracy Gleason

Congrats Nate on graduating I’m excited to see what you choose to do and hope you have the best time in college


Congratulations Nate! I am so proud to see my cousin graduate and have so much ambition to his future! You are strong minded and fearless! Love you!

Jessica Heltsley

Congrats Nate! We are so proud of you as you enter a new and exciting chapter in your life. Whatever path you choose always believe in yourself. God Bless

Aunt Ellie