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Anne Marie



Yearbook Co-Editor 2019-2020 , Yearbook Editorial Team 2018-9-2019; Coordinate fundraiser for victims of the Paradise Fire; Freshmen Volleyball Team.

Future Plans 

Anne Marie will be attending the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, leaving the Santa Cruz Mountains for the Rockies. Her current plans are to take a combination of marketing and psychology courses, and to spend part of her time studying abroad.

Anne Marie has always loved to travel and has big plans to continue to adventure abroad. Besides making frequent trips to Colorado, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe, she has been to Vancouver Island, Portland, OR, Ashland, OR for a theater arts program, and to Cumberland and Saint Simons Islands in Georgia studying marine biology. On her way to New York City, Anne Marie was bumped up to First Class and decided that is the way to go! She loves Kauai and went to Costa Rica on a trip led by Ms. Christy and Ms. Pacheco.

Message from Family

Anne Marie, you have accomplished much at Los Gatos High School, but you are just scratching the surface. Since you were able to talk, you have been full of ideas and the Santa Cruz Mountains are not big enough to contain them. We have no doubt that you will leave your mark on the world.


Anne Marie

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