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Andre played tennis for all 4 years of high school. He also started Quantum Computing Club, which was HUGELY successful and very goood. Andre took many (6) classes per year, except for senior year, in which he took 5 classes. Andre neither participated in theater nor in marching band.

Future Plans 

Andre would like to pursue his passion of quantum computing in college, performing independent research to further the field. Andre's goals for the future are to become rich, or become President, whichever comes first. He would also like to be at least 6 feet tall in the future (a goal from which he says he is "only half an inch away"). One country he would like to visit is Taiwan. He would not like to visit any other country. Andre would like to be accepted to a college, or really, to anything at all. He would like to attend Juilliard to study computer science.

Message from Family

hi andray - you are a perfect child and an excellent son. Happy graduation!



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Good luck with all your future pursuits.

Charan Mokkarala

Hey little bro, congrats!! Thank you for being THE best essay editor. You are a light to be around, and I'm so excited to play more cards with you!


Hi andray, I saw your profile and it looks like we share a lot of interests. Want to link up? I will pay for your Juilliard degree. ;)

Aidan Chen