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Reya is passionate about music, theater, and dance! She has participated in Honor Choir at LGHS and went to the California All-State Honor Choir this year. She founded and is the Co-President of LGHS’ LeGatos A Cappella group, which has been performing around the local community for the past four years. She has enjoyed participating in the LGHS spring musicals - her favorite was Les Miserablès last year! Reya's passion for Indian dance has led her to choreograph and perform at many large family weddings. She has also performed at local open mics and made a few music videos starring… herself!

Future Plans 

Reya wants to make an impact in the world and will be starting that path at Tufts University. She will be majoring in History and hopes to join an a cappella group on campus!

Message from Family

Reya - congratulations on graduating from LGHS and this phase of life. The next chapter is up to you and we are excited to watch our confident, smart, and determined daughter blaze her own path. Live life to the fullest! Be fearless, adventurous, and take risks! We are so proud of you and the future is yours! We will entice you come back often from Boston, because we will remind you everyday that Cali is the best (...and we will miss your cheer)! -- -XOXO - Mom, Dad, and Evanie



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Congratulations, Reya! Wishing you all the best at Tufts and looking forward to hearing more of your amazing voice!


Congratulations Reya!! You are an aspiring young girl and best wishes for your future!

Roshni Desaii

Hey Reya!
Congratulations on graduating! Awesome achievement :).

As dope as high school was, Tufts will be an even bigger blast. Have a fun :).


Congratulations bestie!! I am so super proud of you and everything you have accomplished. You are gonna prosper in Boston!!


Dear Reys wish you lot of success and may all your dreams comes true. Have best health, happiness and god bless you Dikri.
Pallavi & Mahesh


Dear Reya,

We have seen you grow from a little girl to an accomplished young lady.

Congratulations and wish you the best at Tuft.

Mahesh and Vidya Gurikar

Congratulations, Reya! I loved reading about all your musical accomplishments. All the best at Tufts.


Congrats Reya, so proud of you and excited to see what comes next on your journey! Welcome to the east coast - we’re here for you whenever you need!

Viyaan, Elina & Viral

Congratulations Reya, proud of you. All the best. May all your dreams come true

Rekha S Rudra

Congratulations Reya! Best of luck for your future endeavors. Wishing you lots of success and happiness in Boston.


Reya, we are so proud of all that you’ve accomplished so far and are excited to see what is yet to come. Congratulations on this exciting new chapter!

Ajay, Amita, and Ekta Shah

Congratulations Reya!! We are so excited for you to start this new adventure in Boston! We wish you all the success in the world. Lots of love!!

Riddhi & Amish

Congratulations bestie!! I am so super proud of you and all that you have done. You are gonna do so well in Boston!💙


Heartiest Congratulations, Reya
You are a star in the making.
Shine On. Move On.
Proud of you today and always. With love and blessings.

Sonal & Vraj Lathiya

You did it! I am going to miss you more than you know. I know that Boston is the right place for you, but it’s so far! I love you and have fun!

Evanie Kumar

Hearty congratulations on a huge accomplishment! Wishing you all the best with the next stage in life… May you always be safe, happy, and healthy!

Neera & Sanjay Ahuja

I have watched you since you were a baby and your light and zest for life shines through in all you do. Congratulations!

Stephanie Balch

Growing so fast, independent, talented, smart & adventurous. Wish you all the best for future.
visit us often.

Amar Shah

Congratulations on graduating, Reya! Wishing you happiness and success for all your future endeavours.

Jayanth, Shilpa and Sanjana

Congrats Reya!
This is one of those big moments in your life, and will definitely define you.
Couldn’t be more proud of you.


“Keep on growing. Keep adding to the goodness and beauty in the world. Keep developing those unique dreams and talents that make you who you are!”

Neha Ojeda

Congratulations on your high school graduation! Can’t wait to see all the amazing things that you will accomplish!! Have fun in Boston!

Rupa Masi

Reya!!! You did it! And you did it with grace and wit and beauty and determination in the strangest of years. Well done and all the very best.

Ami Foster

Congratulations Reya.
Proud of you and the future is bright with young smart and passionate people like yourself leading the way.



We are so proud of you and the fantastic young adult you’ve become...looking forward to seeing your next chapter evolve.

The Soods

Sood family

Reya congratulations!!!!!’
Wow!!! Graduating from school& starting at Tufts . Very happy & proud of you for your achievements .All the best& have fun

Gayithri Sundareshcongratulations

Hi Reya congratulations from all of us. Great achivement all the best for your college at Boston.

SharadRudraand family

Congratulations! Seeing all you've accomplished, there's no doubt your future will be amazing. Keep reaching as far and as high as you can!

Dhiren, Anna, Dru, Jaz, Jacob, Aubrey

Congratulations Reya!! We know your future is bright!! We love you and can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures!! Love, the feldmans

Feldman Family

Congratulations Reya!! We wish you the best in all your future endeavors and are so excited for you to study at Tufts University. Love, the Trivedi’s

Nikhil & Deannie Trivedi

Congratulations Reya, proud of you. All the best. May all your dreams come true..!

Jinesh , Ishani and Jiaana

Congratulations Reya!! :) wishing you an amazing and bright future at Tufts!! Can’t wait to see what amazing things you continue to do!! :)

Hari and Avni

Congratulations to reya on your graduation,we are very happy for you have a great time in Boston wish you all the best Nita Kaki &harishkaka


Congratulations Reya and best wishes as you move across the country. Bahstun will be fun with coiffee and parties! Love you!

Ankit Heena Nola and Niam