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Sport Med, LGRC Rowing, International Language Club, Leo's Club

Future Plans 

Eleanor has wanted to be an artist from an early age. Originally she wanted to be an animator for Pixar or Disney. Then she refined her dreams to becoming a character development artist for video games. This Fall she will be attending UCLA's College of Design Media Arts. The future is anything but certain. Her other academic interests/aspirations are in the field of medicine. Follow your passions Eleanor!

Message from Family

Eleanor, you continue to wow us with each new page. You are incredibly passionate, principled and responsible and at the same time funny and humorous. You are a great friend to your friends who we all love. Your perseverance in overcoming challenges is impressive and will serve you well in life. Keeping up with your energy and enthusiasm towards your varied interests has been quite a ride. Whatever you set your mind to you are all in, 100%; from joining the rowing team, to spending hours online learning how to draw the perfect toe, to identifying UCLA Art as your #1 choice (and then getting in!). We're looking forward to continuing with you down whatever path you create. We are incredibly proud of you and love you to the moon and back. We have no doubts that "you'll move mountains"!



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Wow. Amazed at all you accomplished at LGHS and excited for your next adventure at UCLA!