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Megan was part of the cheerleading team, both JV and Varsity, at Los Gatos High School for all 4 years of high school. In senior year, she became one of the captains for the varsity cheerleading team. She also was part of Link Crew in junior and senior year.

Future Plans 

Megan is looking forward to attending University of California, Santa Barbara and majoring in Business Administration. She also intends to travel when possible and have as many fun adventures as possible.

Message from Family

Megan, you have surpassed everything we could have asked for in a daughter, sister and young woman. You are kind, compassionate and caring and look out for others before yourself. In life, you will be successful because you are always diligent and determined. Soar high and always know that you are loved and admired by your family who are your $+#1 fans and supporters. Love, Mom, Puppa, Maaji, Taj and and Armaan

Megan, We are all so proud of you for becoming such a remarkable young woman! We (all the Kenys) are all looking forward to watching you grow further in college and beyond! Love you! Dad, Christy, Taj, and Armaan



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