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Kelli was a 4 year member of girls varsity soccer and captain for 2 years. She was involved with Hope for Her and Unicef clubs on campus. She was a 4 year member of the graphic design class making gear for numerous sports teams including track and field, volleyball, soccer and creating websites to take orders, produce gear, distribute to students and families. She also made logo gear for many clubs on campus as well as special events. Engaging member of spirit days on campus and the #1 fan of Mr.Holm!

Future Plans 

Kelli will attend NYU in the Fall enrolled in their Gallatin School and will be playing on the women's soccer team. She will be planning her own curriculum with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, marketing and graphic design. She is excited to be living and studying in NYC, traveling with the NYU Women's Soccer Team nationally and enjoying spending time with her mom's side of the family who live in NYC.

Message from Family

You formed yourself as a whole person with a belief system, passions, and an insane drive powered by rocket fuel when you were so young that I can hardly remember you without any of these attributes. Whatever you sought out- you went after with zeal. Duct tape wallets, circuit fuses, cup stacking, circus balls, sticker making, logo gear to name a few. On the flip side and so complimentary to your learning process- you are a coachable person. You listen, you absorb, you ask questions, you know there’s a universe of things you want to engage in and listening and examining is your ticket in.
The people closest to you will say Kelli Keady teaches them things on the daily. You taught your sister to ride a bike and be a true friend. You taught another sister how to pursue creative interests and what real self- confidence looks like. You show your parents what it feels like to chase after, love and support someone so gifted and epic. You showed us all how to accept and embrace the highs and lows of the college sports recruiting process. In your short time you understand that the wins come in all forms- yes even in failure because of the critical life lessons you learn from them. The best advice I can give to anyone encountering Kelli Keady is: get out of her way! Kel, your pure magic!



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