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Sophia has attended Mock Trial Club, Rowing Club, Speech and Debate Club

Future Plans 

Sophia wants to be a lawyer when she is little kids, so she hope she will become a lawyer in her life.

Message from Family

Dear Sophia,
Congratulations for graduate from LGHS !
We are so proud of you and your hard work, and you dream school comes true as well.
We all love you forever. Best Wishes for you future.



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Congrats Soph!! So proud of you and everything that you have done :) You’re so smart, kind, thoughtful, and caring. You’re going to do amazing things!


Congrats my love <3 :) I am so so glad to have had you by my side these four years in high school and I know you're going to do great things at CMC <3

Wilma Wei

I love that mom included all these baby pics of you!! Clearly she knows when you peaked. Mega proud of u sis, you make me want to be a better person


Good work in Speech and Debate, and especially great job getting into CMC. P.S. I'll play cards with you if you promise not to cheat this time.

Andre Kuo

Congratulations my dear , proud of you and love you forever ❤️🎉

Karen Huang