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Kyra enjoyed Marching Band for 4 years and was going to do Science Olympiad for 4 years when it got cancelled and dabbled in a bunch of other activities including: robotics, mock trial, winter percussion, bridge club and a week of football.

Future Plans 

Kyra is planning to attend Carleton College. She will probably major in something STEM like but it is unclear. What is clear is she wants to participate in outdoor activities like backpacking both during the school year and on breaks.

Message from Family

Dearest Kyra,
We are so delighted with your outstanding accomplishments and the
magnificent person you have become. You are poised on the threshold of
an excellent future as you continue to grow into adulthood. You have our
love and support always, Mom and Dad.



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Congratulations Kyra! 🖤🧡🐾
“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

Mary E

Congrats Kyra!!!!!! So happy for you to be starting this next chapter of life, and learning. Let me know if you need any roommate advice lol

Luke Helmbold

Congratulations, Kyra. May all your dream come true in your life!

Joann Helmbold

Hi Kyra!
Congratulations! You have worked hard and accomplished so much! Can't wait to hear about all your future adventures!
Love, Jana & Eric

Jana Helmbold

I am happy to see the person you are today. Our whole family is proud of you and look forward to your next steps in life. Rooting for you!


Congratulations Kyra! Such an accomplishment! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do next.

Renee erez

Dear Kyra, you are always in our hearts. We love you and wish you enjoy the best of all things that life can bring.

Gma & Gpa

Congratulations Kyra! I’m excited to learn about your next great adventures. From baby play dates to now, the one constant is your smile.Keep smiling!

Laura Murphy-Wilkens

Congrats Kyra!!I’m so proud of you & your accomplishments! You have grown so much since I met you&it’s been amazing to watch. Your future is bright.

Coach Kenyana

Congrats, Kyra! So much hard work, so many accomplishments. LGHS will be a different place when you leave. Can't wait to hear more about Carleton!

Bruce Helmbold

Congrats, Kyra and parents! It’s been so fun watching you grow/mature. I’m sure you will make the absolute best of college and future opportunities!

Margaret Kvamme

We send our heartfelt best wishes to you. At Carleton, enjoy intellectual challenges, goofy blow-off-steam time, and making lifelong friends.

Cathy Anderson, David Goering

Congrats, Kyra! Hope your future is wonderful. Love, Great Aunt Ellie & Great Uncle Bill

Eleanor Holdsworth