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Drama/Theater, Choir, Orchestra

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Luke is working towards selecting a college with a four-year BFA degree program to help give him the foundation to pursue his dream of a professional career in musical theater!

Message from Family

Dear Luke, the common words heard from others when describing you are caring, bright, and dedicated. You are exactly what the world needs - intelligence rooted in empathy and commitment. Your entire family is exceptionally proud of the knowledgeable, courageous human you strive to be everyday and your desire to bring light to others through your compassion and gifted voice. Please continue to reach for the stars! You got this! Love, Mom, Dad, Liam, Granny Kay and so many more!



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Dear Luke,

God blessed our lives the moment you walked into it. Your tender, caring, loving heart has forever changed us. Congratulations!


WOWSA-You packed SO much in your HS Years! So glad got to see some in person and can't wait to see/hear about college times. Love/hugs-VeryProudGK


Luke, thank you for always being there for Meena. You are a pretty amazing kid. We will miss seeing you around campus. Wishing all the best!!

Marsha Thomas (Meena’s Mom)