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Tucker –
Congratulations love! We could not be more proud of you….for your accomplishments yes, but really more for who you are and the path you have always taken, which has never been the easy one.
You have always been so strong and independent and as you move forward and into this next part of your life, I know that what I will miss the most is being right by your side and watching you shine. And don’t you dare ever stop shining… you have a special light and a special purpose and the ability to help guide others through their own challenges. Don’t be afraid to be someone’s hero…. Because you deserve to be one. You have earned your place at that table.
Never settle.
When you were little, maybe around 2, you always knew EXACTLY what you wanted and you never settled for anything less than that. As you grew, and as friends, the internet, society made you question yourself and your goals/desires, you started to doubt who you were and what you were about. Know you are amazing. Know you are worthy. Know that anyone who makes you feel anything other than those things, is not someone to have stay around.
Remember that the future is yours to decide….who you want to be, what you want to represent, how you want to move or impact people… each day you get to wake up and make the choices that when all combined, will form the person you are gradually becoming. You don’t have to be perfect. You will make mistakes and some days you won’t be your “best self” and the beauty of life is that the next day, you get the chance to do it again. To do it different. To do it better.
As you’re out there exploring, remember where and who you came from. Remember the lessons you’ve been taught. Remember that Papa always said you were going to do great things….but in saying that, his expectation was simply that they’d be “great” to you. Go be brave knowing that we are all here cheering you on and to catch you if you fall (true that we’ll probably laugh first, but we will catch you second). And never doubt, not for a single second, that you are loved exactly for who you are.
We love you
Mom and Dad



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