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Blake is part of the Men's Varsity team at Los Gatos Rowing Club where he has been rowing since his freshman year in high school.

Future Plans 

Blake has decided to stay in California for college and will be attending Cal Poly Pomona in the Fall to study Political Science. Blake's interest in government policy and our political process will lead him to attend law school after he graduates from college. Blake also has a desire to travel and plans on studying abroad as well.

Message from Family

From the women in your life -

Blake, in the blink of an eye you have gone from a boy to a man, and we are so proud of the man you’ve become. You are the joy of our family. You make us laugh when we need it the most. Your quiet confidence and unwavering strength is the glue that holds our family in place. We are so proud of you Blake, and though we are sad to let you go so that you can spread your wings, we know you will flourish and do many amazing things in your life and we will always be there to cheer you on. We cherish and love you so much - now go make it happen!

Love - Mom, Olivia, and Alexa



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Blake, I am so proud of you! Go conquer CPP and grab all that life has to offer... you've earned it!
Love, Bridget Clark

Bridget Clark