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Giovanni "Gio"



Giovanni's first love has always been soccer. He played for LGHS all four years. He has always enjoyed playing many other sports and was on the cross country team at LGHS as well. Beyond sports, he held a job, took a rigorous course load and spent whatever free time he had hanging out with his friends.

Future Plans 

Giovanni is excited about studying computer science at the University of Colorado. He is looking forward to balancing his studies and exploring all of the great outdoor activities that the Boulder area has to offer.

Message from Family

We could not be more proud of Giovanni. Gio has always challenged himself academically while managing to spend time with family and friends, carry a job and play sports. He has shown great maturity and integrity in everything he has done, and has grown into an amazing young man. We love you Giovanni!


Giovanni "Gio"

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Congratulations Gio!
Dori enjoyed playing soccer with Gio for 12 years.
We never forget when the boys got stung by wasps in 5th grade.
Best of luck

Hjalmarson Family

Congratulations Gio!
It has been fun to watch you grow up from a preschooler to the person you are today. We are proud of you and wish you the best.

The Baumans

Congratulations Gio! See you in Colorado!!

The Railo Family