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LGHS Theater (Legally Blonde and Les Miserables)
LGHS Concert Choir (freshman year)
A Capella Choir (junior year)
Womens' Choir (sophomore, junior, senior years)
Unconditionally Positive (junior, senior years)
LGHS Swim Team (sophomore year)
LGHS Unplugged
Los Gatos Got Talent Show
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Future Plans 

Elizabeth is very excited to be headed to The University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. She plans to pursue a degree in Cinema Studies.

Message from Family

Dear Elizabeth,

We are incredibly proud of you for all of your hard work during your four years at Los Gatos High School. It has been a pleasure to watch you blossom into a wonderful young adult who is more than prepared for the next chapter of her life. You are brave, wise, smart and strong. You are a caring and incredibly loyal friend. You are a gifted writer. You work hard at all you set your mind to. You have the voice of an angel. You surround yourself with wonderful people. You've made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We know that your next chapter surely holds many amazing things.

We love you dearly and we're so excited to watch you soar!


Mom, Dad, Emily and Casey (woof!)



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So excited to see you heading to Oregon for your next big adventure. Congrats EB and Go DUCKS!

Gail Thomson

CONGRATULATIONS EB!! I love you so so much and I'm going to miss you dearly. UO won't know what hit them! Go Ducks!! <3 -Sophie

Sophie Sullivan

EB I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to see what you do in Oregon... GO DUCKS!

Bridget Clark