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Della Maggiora


Emma has strongly dedicated 3 years on the LGHS cheer team not only cheering on the LG Football team on the sidelines but also competing in the 2018-2019 LGHS TCC Competitive cheer team season. Emma enjoyed volunteering her second semester all four years to the theatre department to help put on four unforgettable spring musicals. She helped build sets, organize props, and mainly run the spotlights. Emma has also completed all four years at LGHS in the metals/ manufacturing class along with three classes of ceramics and one semester of photography. Her favorite projects were forging a Damascus knife and finishing it with an olive wood handle, creating her favorite deep blue glazed mug, and going on adventures with her friends to capture the perfect picture. Emma continues to express herself using her artistic eye and growing talents to learning about studio art, photography, and music.

Future Plans 

Emma is planning on studying with Verto Education this fall on the big island of Hawaii and then transferring to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia during spring to study studio art (art history) and psychology. Without the guidance of her teachers, peers, and incredible opportunities to creatively learn, Emma wouldn't be where she is now, thriving more than ever and excited for her bright future.

Message from Family

“Emmaline Pearl, you have always been the most well behaved, sweet, and courageous child, always climbing to the top heights as a toddler. The last few years have tested your core, and you have nerves of steel, and true grit. You bring out the best in everyone who spends time with you, and I couldn’t be more proud to be your mom. You are so talented and fun! I’m going to miss you as you fly away into your world, but all I have to do is listen to an ocean wave for the sound of Emma the brave! We love you- momma, Aunti C, Lillian, everyone. Some would say “good luck” at a time like this, but I know you make your own good fortune. We love you. “



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