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Rachel was an avid ski racer on the Squaw Valley ski team and partcipated as a flag bearer for the Women's World Cup Ski race held at Squaw Valley in 2018. She had exceptionally high rankings, especially in Super G races where she placed 4th at Western Regionals. She loves choir and enjoys performing in concerts and loves singing. She has started her own grooming business which has spread through word of mouth with her experience gained through grooming her dog, Chanel, for the past 7 years.

Future Plans 

Future plans are uncertain; we understand that, especially right now. If you would like to share your grad's dreams, this field could be anything from becoming the best in their chosen field, what they want to pursue, to college acceptance, to a desire to travel the world. This can be whimsical or specific; you may choose to fill this out however you like. Or you may skip it and we will remove it from their page.
Excited to share that Rachel will be attending UC Davis and studying biology as she considers a career in the medical field and possibly becoming a medical doctor in dermatology or pediatrics, as she has great empathy and care for others. UC Davis also has an excellent poodle genetics lab which would allow her to help research and contribute to the poodle genetics expertise and one day, may want to become a professional poodle breeder. She also loves to groom other dogs besides hers and has started picking up clients to groom so can see a future with her starting a grooming business while she's attending college.

Message from Family

Rachel, we are incredibly proud of the young lady you've become. You're caring, kind, compassionate and have deep passion in whatever you do. You've taught us so much, introduced us to new experiences, new music, new things to try. We love you so very much.

You have a special bond with your dad - you both love history and debating on events. We continue to learn from you and you've taught us to see other viewpoints. We can be stubborn but you have a way to talk to us, to share your views and not be afraid to speak your mind and we love that about you.

You have a special bond with your mom - you allowed us into your high school life and allowed us to be a part of your experiences - hosting homecoming or prom dance preparations at our home, not afraid or embarrassed to invite your friends over for the dinners or allowing us to join you and your friends for the dinners.

You have a special bond with your brother - you are like best friends to each other. And you both love skiing and ski racing - we are so proud of how far you have achieved in the sport and love how we enjoy skiing together as a family.

You have a special bond with Chanel and Bella - our puppers. Without you, we wouldn't have them and know the love that they provide the family. Thank you for wanting them with so much passion because we can't imagine our family now without them.

We love you and are so proud of you and know that you will succeed in wherever your heart takes you. Congratulations on your graduation and we will always be here to support you in your next steps in life.



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