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Throughout his high school career, Aidan was a part of the Model UN Club, the track team for two years, and also started a JSA Chapter which was active for 1 month.

Future Plans 

If we don't hear back from his waitlisted schools, he will be attending the University of Southern California to study Economics.

Message from Family

Aidan, as I am sending you off to college, I would like to share some of my thoughts with you. Something I wish my parents would have told me when I was at your age. Please don't be afraid to explore and learn, don't be afraid to make a mistake and fail, and love with all your heart even when there is no guarantee. When you work, make the best effort you can even if the result isn't satisfactory. As long as you have tried your best, you can tell yourself, “I am enough, and I am worthy of love and belonging”. Be kind, authentic, and real. With all these days ahead of you, the experiences you gain along the way will make you a stronger and more mature person. You are going to encounter people from different parts of the world: embrace and respect their differences. There is always something you can learn from them.
Aidan, you are the most precious person in my life, and I will always love and support you. I am so privileged to be your mother to witness you step into adulthood. Please don't forget that I love you always.

Happy graduation!

Your lifelong cheerleader,




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Congratulations! So happy and excited for your future! I couldn't say anything better than your mother did. Enjoy and cherish this special time!

Emily Teng

Good luck with all your future pursuits. Well done.

Charan Mokkarala

So happy and excited for you! I couldn't add anything your mother didn't already say in her beautiful message! Enjoy this special time in your life!

Emily Teng

If brevity is the soul of wit, your (you're) height would be the wittiest of all.

Andre Kuo

Congratulations Aiden!! You have completed such a big milestone in your life. Best wishes and good luck at college.

Aunt Joyce Teng

I commAnd your (you're) efforts to graduate, though I still find it difficult to believe you managed to get a diploma.

Andre Kuo

It seemed yesterday you were a little boy with timid smiles.Now you've become a young man ready to explore the world. Go,Aidan! Congrats, best wishes!

Jennifer Liu