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4 years of Volleyball, theater Les Miserables , Unconditionally Positive Club, Link Crew

Future Plans 

Having been accepted by 15 different Colleges across the country WITH scholarships there is no doubt Tommy will be the best in whatever he pursues. Business, perhaps medicine, Tommy has chosen SDSU. A world traveler at a young age, and an appreciation for many different cultures expect to see him pursuing a portion of his undergrad somewhere exciting out of the country.

Message from Family

We are so excited to share in your graduation and could not be more proud of the amazing young man you are Thomas! Waking up early to go to school, finally resting your head in bed so late after finishing your AP assignments, stressed by projects and reports, we witnessed them all. You maintained straight A's all four years with ease! Being a high school graduate is not the end for you, it is just the beginning for many more unbelievable achievements. Your future is an unwritten symphony just awaiting your creative, daring and unique talent. We know you will make it a masterpiece! We love you so much Tommy. We are so incredibly proud of you sonshine! Love, Dad, Step-Dad & Mom



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