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Interact Club, Mock Trial, Saferides, Unconditionally Positive (UP), Boys' Tennis

Future Plans 

Eddy plans on attending UC Berkeley in the fall to study in Engineering.

Message from Family

Dear Edward, the results of your hard devotion, diligence, and dedication are self-evident, but we would like to take this opportunity to express just how proud we are of the exceptional young man that you have become. Congratulations! At this moment of well-deserved reflection, we stand by you, eagerly awaiting the next phase of your vibrant and bright life. It has been an absolute joy to observe your metamorphosis from a nervous high school freshman to a soon-to-be nervous college freshman. A few words of advice: continue to smile frequently, live vivaciously, maintain your health and happiness, do your best, clean your room, brush your teeth, and have fun!



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Congratulations, Eddy!! It's been a wonderful year getting to know you better. You're going to do some great things very soon! Go Bears!!

Sophie Sullivan

Nice job graduating, Ebward, I knew you had it in you. My biggest regret is prob not being able to bean you with tennis balls in chem and/or practice.

Andre Kuo