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Christian (Chris)



Member of the inaugural LG high school Hockey team, played for all four years. Played varsity tennis for three years.

Future Plans 

To start college in the fall, at the University of Wisconsin, be happy with his chosen major (chemical engineering) and join a frat. But most of all, he wishes that life can return to normal soon, and that everyone can stay healthy!

Message from Family

Dear Chris, we never imagined that your senior year would end like this. The years of hard work and doing everything you could to keep going, to keep believing in yourself, and giving yourself the best chance in life should've been rewarded and celebrated. Instead, you had to stay home and adjust to a changed world. You have surprised us with your resilience, optimism, strength and never ending sense of humor. Instead of needing to be consoled, you consoled us. You got lemons and you made lemonade. This is why we believe you will go far in life. Congratulations with everything you've achieved, you have made us prouder each and every day! We love you! From mom and dad.


Christian (Chris)

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Congratulations! I remember your stellar work at Fisher, so I am not surprised that you excelled at LGHS. Hats off -- the world needs you!

Nancy Field